Transforming Cybersecurity Penetration Testing using Blockchain

Buglab uses the power of blockchain to enable attainable, versatile, and reliable penetration testing for digital enterprise solutions.


Buglab links clients with a global network of certified cybersecurity penetration testers in an incentivized environment. The testers are rewarded based on their cumulative discoveries in time-limit competitions.

  • Certified Pentesters
  • Full Customization
  • Real-Time Collaboration

Vigilante Protocol

With this, buglab provides an avenue for whitehats to share their own vulnerability discoveries. We then work with CERTs all over the world to verify those discoveries and notify companies at risk.

  • CERT & CSIRT Partnership
  • Verified Reporting
  • Automatic Rewards for Whitehats

Who is Buglab for?



Small and medium businesses, from all over the world looking for a more attainable and effective way of protecting their digital assets.


Computer Security Incident Response Teams, will be able to partner with buglab on building a sustainable vulnerability prevention system to help companies.


Pentesters & Whitehats

Buglab’s platform is built for global network of expert security researchers looking for a trusted way to help businesses worldwide and be compensated.

Problems of Traditional Penetration Testing
and Bug Bounties

Cost Inefficiency

Whether it’s the billable hours model in pentesting, or the pay-per-vulnerability structure of bounties, companies do not get the most of out of their spending.

Lack of Resources

Cybersecurity firms typically assign just a few pentesters to each assignment, which limits the skillsets being leveraged.

Irrelevancy in Reporting

During bug bounties, researchers uncover large amounts of vulnerabilities without in-depth analysis, adding little value to the clients.

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Buglab in the Spotlight

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Buglab attending the welcoming ceremony for French Tech Ticket, with former president Francois Hollande as guest of honor.

Buglab’s development and potential gaining media exposure.

Buglab being featured as one of the most highly anticipated tech startup in France.

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